Due to shortage in Liquid Nitrogen, we will be limiting our ice cream making and will start to serve some flavors of Mitchell’s ice cream at our shop! We will continue to make our very delicious ice cream with liquid nitrogen for the following flavors: Bourbon Vanilla with Salted Caramel Swirl, Hella Nutella, Speculicious, Brown Sugar Banana, Mint & Cookies. Thank you - We look forward to seeing you soon!!

Fresh Made Ice Cream

We are crafting delicious ice cream with the best ingredients to stimulate curiosity and celebrate vibrancy of life.

Stop by and enjoy Palo Alto’s best ice cream!


Scoop Microcreamery is a small mom & pop ice cream shop in Palo Alto with a twist.

We are working hard to make the best, most delicious ice cream in small batches. In a way, home-made ice cream inspires Scoop Microcreamery. We don’t make ice cream the easy way, and that’s exactly our intention. We make our ice cream in small batches frozen at -321° Fahrenheit creating a denser, creamier, and more flavorful scoop that our customers can’t get enough of!
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