About Us


Scoop Microcreamery is a small ice cream shop in Palo Alto, and we are working hard to make the best, most delicious ice cream in small batches. In a way, home-made ice cream inspires Scoop Microcreamery. We don’t make ice cream the easy way, and that’s exactly our intention. We make our ice cream with Liquid Nitrogen in small batches for several reasons: it is cool (literally, freezing our ice cream at -321 F), it produces creamier and denser ice cream because we don’t pump air into it. We believe making small batches mean our customers can experience fresh ice cream compared to conventional shops that mass produce ice cream and thus, long freezer life. We make ice cream that we are proud of – we hope to stimulate curiosity and celebrate the vibrancy of life. And we hope you enjoy life and our ice cream, one Scoop at a time.


  • We use Organic cream in our ice cream and we source local ingredients whenever possible.


  • we care about the Earth! This is why we use stainless steel spoons to sample our ice cream, use compostable cups, spoons, milkshake cups and napkins.
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